Experienced professional training providers, delivering courses in the UK and abroad since 2004. More than 650 trainees attended our courses in 2014.

We are the only UK training provider to offer all seven W500 Occupational Hygiene (OHTA) Modules.

We are BOHS, OHTA, IATP, ABBE and British Safety Council approved training providers, enabling us to deliver an extensive range of training courses. All are delivered by our in-house highly experienced and qualified trainers, who are chartered members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the BOHS’s Faculty of Occupational Hygiene.

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05/03/2015Training In Qualitative Fit Testing2
09/03/2015W505 - Control Of Hazardous Substances (Core)2
16/03/2015W503 - Assessment And Control Of Noise (Core)6
08/04/2015P402-Buildings Surveys And Bulk Sampling For Asbestos9
13/04/2015P601 - Thorough Examination And Testing Of LEV Systems10
11/05/2015W506 - Ergonomics8
11/05/2015P405 - Management Of Asbestos In Buildings10
18/05/2015Certificate Of Oral Preparation10

Occupational Hygiene

All employers have a responsibility to their staff, to ensure their exposure to chemical and physical agents in the work environment, are kept within safe guidelines.

Occupational Hygiene ConsultancyOur experienced and highly qualified Occupational Hygienists can assist you in the protection of workers health, ensuring your business is safe and compliant, as well as offering training and consultancy services.

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Business Consultancy

Experts in our fields, we offer a range of consultancy services each delivered by highly trained and dedicated specialists.
Chartered Surveying
We provide an objective analysis of all business functions to discover pragmatic solutions to your needs.

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Quality Management

Quality ManagementQuality is at the heart of our organisation. We are proud to hold a comprehensive range of accreditation's including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

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We offer a bespoke and personalised service to each of our clients.

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We are an accredited Green Deal Advice Organisation (GDAO), Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) provider, and ABBE certified training organisation.

We also provide a range of energy qualifications and consultancy services.72dpi-ght-greendeal-assessor-white

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Regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), with over 10 years experience. Find out more



Asbestos services, delivered to the highest standards and at competitive prices. Find out more

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