Material Analysis

Material AnalysisGully Howard Technical provide a range of Asbestos services to suit all client requirements. Of which this includes Asbestos Surveys, Air Testing and Monitoring and Material Analysis. We analyse all the samples received in our purpose built UKAS Accredited laboratory, using the approved methods of Polarized Microscopy as per the Health and Safety Executives guidance published in the HSG 264: The Analysts Guide.

All our analysts that carry out bulk identification analysis hold the BOHS P401 qualification and are highly experienced.

Material Analysis

Asbestos minerals each possess unique mineralogical properties and can be accurately identified by applying a systematic and methodical approach. Each sample is carefully unpacked in a specialist fume cabinet, and initially inspected under a stereo microscope to ascertain what fibres maybe present. Various methods are then used to extract the fibres from the material matrix and mount them onto a slide to undergo Polarized microscopy analysis. By passing light through the mineral mounted in a refractive index, and applying various filters, specific and unique colour changes will accurately identify the fibres extracted and reveal if it is a specific asbestos fibre type.

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