I (Kirsty Phillips, Training Manager) have been speaking with lots of professionals in the training and asbestos space and there seems to be a huge amount of confusion over who is APPROVED, RECOGNISED, ASSURED and what this means.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend a meeting where a CITB employee had been invited to explain what all of this means…

CITB ASBESTOS TRAINING: Did you know......

What does this mean?!

Anyone can apply to become an ATO (Approved Training Organisation) by submitting an application to the CITB.

After this, the courses you deliver will fall under 2 categories:


  • Individual Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) can apply to deliver against any of these standards. You will need to complete a self-assessment form showing how your course meets the standard.
  • Once approved, you can advertise your courses on the Construction Training Directory and enter learners’ achievements on the Construction Training Register.
  • Our Quality Assurance team will work with providers of Assured courses to ensure the quality of delivery.


  • We recognise that there is an existing product (or products) that meet the standard and is widely accepted by industry.
  • A good example of ‘Recognised’ standards are the various CISRS scaffolding courses that are industry accepts as the standard which courses must reach.
  • For Recognised standards, ATOs will need to be an approved centre for the relevant body (in this example, an approved CISRS training provider), and we would not require the ATO to go through the self-assessment process.

What does this mean for Asbestos Training Providers/Awarding Bodies?

Right now, there are NO RECOGNISED providers or awarding bodies for ASBESTOStraining

Organisations such as BOHSIATP etc will have to go through a process with the IATP to achieve this status. This process is still in its infancy as standards are still being defined. Therefor, if you deliver an accredited asbestos course, to do this as an ATO for the CITB, you will need to achieve ‘ASSURED‘ status by having the course vetted by the CITB at a cost of £750 (This is a one off fee for all non assured courses to be reviewed and approved).

Currently, every individual organisation has to do this irrespective of who the awarding body is.

I know that various bodies are working with the CITB on achieving a process so that they can become RECOGNISED which will hopefully mean their members will no longer have to pay the £750.

CITB are looking for input from a variety of awarding bodies in the asbestos industry to collaborate and ensure that they maintain their high standards of training for the construction industry. They are having a working group meeting hosted by ARMI in September (The 26th I believe..) where I understand representatives from many organisations that include IATP & BOHS are invited to support the CITB in developing this element of the new and improved model regarding asbestos training.

I hope this helps those who are confused about who they can go to for accredited, quality ASBESTOS training! Gully Howard Technical deliver Asbestos training both face to face and online from awareness to asbestos sampling, management, surveying and more. Find out more HERE. We are an approved training organisation for the CITB and currently are able to deliver CCHRC (controlling health risks in construction). besides this, we are also in the process of becoming ‘ASSURED’ so you can have that extra confidence in the level of training we can provide.

Gully Howard Technical are accredited by BOHS & the IATP, both excellent and credible organisations that are made up of thought leaders and industry experts in these fields, including our very own CEO, Jonathan Grant who is an elected council member of BOHS (British Occupational Hygiene Society) and sits on the board for FAAM (Faculty of asbestos assessment and management).

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