Energy Consultancy

Gully Howard Technical offer Energy Consultancy and Stock Consultancy Services, among other Consultancy Services. We employ experienced and highly qualified Energy Assessors and Stock specialist to undertake consultancy services.

Energy Assessment

As energy assessments are often undertaken as part of larger stock assessment processes, we have the knowledge and skills to collect and analyse data to provide our clients with an accurate view of their portfolio.

Our assessors can calculate SAP ratings for domestic and commercial buildings and compliment this with detailed evidence regarding a range of elements at the property their likely install and renewal programmes and costs.

Using asset management software, we are able to provide a wide range of statistics and data that can be used in review and planning to decide a clear course of action for works. We are able to model a range of potential scenarios and the effects these have on a property portfolio to offer our clients an accurate view of the options available to them.

Contact Us For Energy Consultancy

For booking and enquiries, please contact us at: / 023 9272 8040.