We’re Fit2Fit Approved Training Providers

Recent research indicates that up to 50% of all respiratory protective equipment (RPE) used does not offer the wearer the level of protection assumed – one of the major reasons is that it simply does not fit! This puts the health of employees at risk.

In view of these major concerns with safety in the workplace, the British Safety Industry Federation, along with the HSE and other industry stakeholders, has developed a competency scheme for Fit Test Providers.

The Fit2Fit RPE Fit Test Providers Accreditation Scheme is designed to confirm the competency of any person performing face piece fit testing.

It is a legal requirement that workers using tight fitting respiratory protective equipment (face pieces/masks) must be fit tested by a competent person.

Holding this accreditation will ensure that any RPE a company provides to employees fits them properly and that the face fit test was carried out competently.

Gully Howard Technical are delighted that we have been officially named as Fit2Fit approved training providers. We now offer a Fit2Fit Accredited Qualitative RPE Face-Fit Testing course (taste test method). We also offer both a Quantitative (TSI Portacount) and a Qualitative Fit2fit Accredited RPE Face-fit Testing Course.

If staff in your business or organisation require respiratory protective equipment and you’d like to train your staff to be competent  for face piece testing, please get in touch.