Quality FAQ

How Important Is Quality To Our Operation?

Gully Howard Technical is an employee centred and customer focused organisation that holds reputation and high quality service provision as two of our most important company values.

With a dedicated quality manager role on our senior management team, managing quality control and assurance schemes in every business function we provide, Gully Howard Technical is dedicated to exacting high standards and identifying continuous improvement to all elements of our business.

How Do We Maintain Quality?

Through an integrated system that matches the PAS 99 model, all business functions are monitored and reviewed routinely for aspects of health and safety, environmental and quality standards, that not only meets the needs of our accreditations but also is used to maintain our competitive advantage.

Quality is maintained through a series of quality checking and assurance schemes interlaid through every business function we perform.? A series of checks occur to all services offered through each stage, from request for works to delivery of the reports.

We continue to look for areas of innovation to automate functions for greater accuracy and subject these to routine suitability checks.?The entire system as a whole is checked through various systems audits to check that all elements of business, (supply chain, all stages of delivery, recording, reporting, storage, disposal etc.) are meeting our standards and those of our accreditation bodies.