Quality Management Services

We can consult on all ranges of business functions through designing new systems, or assisting in the development or maintenance of current systems for optimal effectiveness. We can further assist our clients through all stages of gaining accreditations. This can include, conducting a gap analysis with the current systems and matching it with the requirements of international standards, auditing current systems, reviewing all processes and procedures, designing implementation and change management programs, and drafting new policies and procedures for future proofing.

This service is not only for gaining new accreditations but can also be delivered when the standards change.? And as an independent and impartial body, we can check that current systems are compliant and that the implementation, maintenance and management of the system are satisfactory. Furthermore, through our collective academic and operational expertise, we can assist our clients by identifying areas for continuous improvement through proven methods and out-of-the-box thinking.

Please follow the links for detailed information about each of the quality management services include: