Stock Condition Surveys

Stock Condition Surveys (SCS) are amongst the most popular type of surveying service Gully Howard Technical provides, with many key clients.

What is a stock condition survey?

A SCS is the assessment of the current, future repairs and maintenance liabilities of a property. The assessment also takes into account any Health & Safety issues, and highlights any non-conformities’ to the Decent Home Standard.

If you are responsible for managing a large property portfolio we are able to carry out stock surveys tailored to meet your exact needs; from surveying individual elements such as kitchens or bathrooms, to full block surveys. In many cases this service can be combined with other activities that we provide such as Energy Performance Certificates, asbestos surveys, damp surveys etc, thus reducing the need for multiple visits and their associated costs.

The Decent Homes standard is a minimum standard which triggers action to improve social housing. It is a standard to which homes are improved, and allows landlords to determine which works need to be completed and in what order to ensure the standard is met.

Identifying any hazards or situations that may result in an assessment of Non-Decency is vitally important for any landlord or property owner, to avoid litigation and any associated bad press, but also makes commercial sense. Maintaining a building to a good level that is safe, in a good state of repair and is reasonably thermally efficient will generally result in a property that is more marketable.

Stock Condition Surveys

Gully Howard Technical has the experience and ability to identify potential failures due to the following:

  • We have a dedicated team of SCS Surveyors that are very experienced in all surveying and construction disciplines. This enables us to assess many forms of construction types throughout many building eras.
  • We have the capacity to carry out large scale projects due to our dedicated SCS team, but are also able to undertake individual projects if required. We are able to deliver large volumes of combined SCS and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) in short time frames. Additionally we are able to complete individual assessments of single premises, such as residential homes and commercial buildings.

We are able to confidently carry out this service for a diverse range of clients and their residents due to our experienced in-house specialist surveyors. This experience is key to helping the client understand what the requirements are, and the best route to delivering that service. For further information please visit our Surveying FAQ page, or contact us on: 023 9272 8040.