Damp And Condensation

Gully Howard Technical are experienced in carrying out damp surveys to ensure that all possible causes are correctly identified and the correct remedial actions are recommended. Our investigative procedures can be tailored to meet your needs and can include sampling of mould growths and Thermography in more complex cases.

Damp and Condensation

Water Vapour. Condensation is a balancing act.

A building is only considered damp if the level of moisture is high enough to become visible through discolouration of staining or mould growth etc.

Even in what appears to be a dry building there can be a surprising amount of water contained in porous surfaces.

Not only can these signs lead to deterioration of the decorations and fabric of the building they can also have an adverse health effect on the occupants. As there are both physical reasons for dampness, such as penetrating and rising damp there are also reasons based on the life style of the occupant. It is there crucial that all possible underlying causes are identified and remedied if dampness is to be eradicated.

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