Damp And Wood Rot

Damp and Wood RotExpert Surveyors, the team at Gully Howard Technical are highly experienced in the identification of wood rotting fungi, and can advise on the correct method of treatment. We will consider all contributing factors that may contribute to damp and wood rot, and report any problems identified. This services allows the client to rectify the issues, thus ensuring that the rot once eradicated is not allowed to return.

Why Choose Us?

All of our specialist surveyors are experienced and are fully conversant with BRE 453 ‘Recognising Wood Rot and Insect Damage in Buildings’. Correct identification by Gully Howard Technical independent Surveyors, can, in some cases result in removing the need for costly and unnecessary chemical treatments.

Gully Howard Technical are also able to provide Damp and Rot Training. View details for the Damp and Rot Training course here

Damp and Wood Rot Explained

Wood rotting fungi cannot break down the wall of wood cells when the moisture content is at or below 20%. This reinforces that there must be a building defect that has led to water entry or condensation. Not all fungi found cause wood to rot but the presence shows that conditions are there to support a wood rotting species were it introduced.

Generally it is not necessary to differentiate between different species of wet rot as all require similar remedial measures. However dry rot is very aggressive and has the ability to spread extensively behind plaster and even through some wall materials. Due to this treatment is more extensive and therefore more costly.

Wood rot results in:

  • Loss in strength, softening or disintegration of wood.
  • A hollow sound from a larger timber member when struck with a hammer, or a change in note along the length of a member.
  • Wood discolouring (lighter or darker than normal), often in patches or streaks.
  • Fungal mycelium, strands or fruit-bodies.
  • Distinctive ‘mushroom’ smell.
  • Presence of certain wood boring insects which only colonise decayed wood.

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If you would like find out more about Damp and Wood Rot Surveying Services, please contact us: Enquiries@ghtechnical.com / 023 9272 8040. To view details of the Damp and Wood Rot Training course, please click here.

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