Are you selling your property? Looking to find out the value of your residential or commercial property portfolios? Gully Howard Technical’s highly experienced and skilled Valuers offer a wide range of Valuations services to suit all client requirements.


Residential Valuation Reports

Gully Howard Technical’s RICS Registered Valuers can provide residential valuation reports for a range of organisations. This includes local Housing Associations for varying purposes including ‘Right to Buy’ and shared-ownership purposes. We are able to tailor our reports to suit clients’ specific needs and can include both an opinion of the market value and a reinstatement costing for insurance purposes.

Land Registry Compliant Plans

The highly experienced and trained team at Gully Howard Technical are able to produce Land Registry compliant plans for houses, flats and commercial property. These are also produced using the latest CAD drawing software.

Land Registry Plan + Valuation Report

Land Registry Plan + Valuation Report Gully Howard Technical is also able to offer Land Registry Plans with Valuation Reports. This service is highly popular with many of our existing clients, setting GHT Property Services apart from competitors. This services provides the client with a plan and valuation report for a combined fee.

Stair-casing Appraisals

Gully Howard Technical are able to offer Stair-casing appraisals, which is a similar service to a basic Valuation. This services provides a valuation of the property so that the tenant is able to purchase a further percentage of the property interest.

Right To Buy Valuations

Gully Howard Technical also provide Right To Buy (RTB) Valuations. This service is available for various parties, including housing associations and their tenants.

Please note: Valuation services will look at the condition of the asset, however this is not a full building survey and a Homebuyers or full structural survey may be required to safeguard your interests. These services are available, provided by our qualified Chartered Building Surveyors. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. A valuation is included within the Homebuyers report, however this is not the case with a full building survey.

ValuationsWhy Choose Us?

All Gully Howard Technical Valuers are appropriately qualified, possessing both relevant academic and professional qualifications. All valuations are carried out in strict accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors ‘Valuation – Professional Standards (2012)’ also known as the ‘Red Book’. Furthermore, as members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), our valuers demonstrate a commitment to ethical standards which will ensure that any valuations are carried out with impartiality, honesty and total transparency.

With experience working in a wide range of sectors including, Portfolio and Investment valuations, HMOs, Social Rented Sector, Private Rented Sector, Residential and Commercial; the Valuation team at Gully Howard Technical can provide Valuations services, delivered to the highest standards by experienced and RICS qualified professionals.

Our main team are based on the South Coast, and we also have a network of experienced Valuers who have the necessary local knowledge to provide accurate valuations outside of this area.

Bookings and Enquiries

If you require any further information, or wish to discuss how we can meet your Valuation needs please contact us at: / (Property Manager). Alternatively please telephone: 023 9272 8040.

In certain circumstances we are also able to give general advice rather than a more structured valuation. Please ask for details.