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Damp and Rot TrainingExperts Surveyors and Training providers, the teams at Gully Howard Technical are able to offer a broad selection of Building and Surveying courses, of which this includes Damp and Rot Training, Fire Risk Assessment Training and various Asbestos Surveyor Training courses.

Training can be delivered bespoke, and at a location most suited to you. Please contact us to discuss your unique and industry specific requirements.

Course Aims

The aim of the course is to provide a fundamental understanding of the many causes of moisture ingress to affect a building. These causes can be apparently obvious, but also can be a combination of defects, which requires a methodical and informed approach to remedy the whole problem.

This course will enable the delegate to identify individual symptoms of moisture ingress and trace them back to the root cause (or causes). Correct and early identification of moisture symptoms can be a vital tool for property owners who seek to minimise damage of building’s fabric and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Wood-rotting fungi and non wood –rotting fungi, along with identifying the presence of insect infestation are addressed within the course. The remedies of these defects can be very expensive, so correct diagnosis is paramount, and the course concentrates each category in detail.

In addition the course aims to provide the knowledge base which will help the delegate specify the most suitable remedies for each type of damp problem, with emphasis on “good practice”, and not simply cover up measures.

Content and Learning Outcomes

Contents of the course are designed to give the delegate the ability to identify, quantify and recommend remedial actions, and consist of the following categories:

  • Sources of damp – this area focuses on building defects that can be the cause of moisture ingress, leading to component decay.
  • Symptoms – types of mould and the related health impacts of long term exposure.
  • Wood-rotting fungi, and non rotting fungi – emphasis on the correct diagnosis of fungi is important due to the potentially expensive remedial actions.
  • Insect infestation – identification of presence and type of infestation.
  • Treatment – this area focusing on remedial techniques for component decay, ranging from timber removal to re-instating external brick-pointing.
  • Survey procedures – enables the delegate to undertake investigative techniques in a methodical manner to identify all sources of moisture and not just the most obvious one. This section also highlights the many electronic measuring devices on the market and their pitfalls.
  • Condensation – is one of the most prevalent building related problems nowadays, which reveals itself as surface mould. The course looks at the common causes and remedies for such problems, and makes suggestions how it can be avoided in future.

Who is the course designed for?

Deterioration from moisture ingress can be hidden, widespread and if left unchecked can be devastating to the building fabric, so the course is aimed at any property owner, in any sector (domestic, commercial and industrial). A grasp of basic building knowledge would be of benefit to the candidate, as the course contents are based on building pathology.

Housing Associations have in-house surveyors and managers that would benefit from an increased knowledge in sources of decay that can affect their building stock in such a dramatic fashion.

Any professional within the surveying industry would benefit from increasing their knowledge in this field and could use the course as Continuous Professional Development (CPD), to help fulfil their professional accreditation requirements.

Gully Howard Technical is able to tailor individual courses (by negotiation) to deliver the level technical content to closely match the clients requirements. In the past we have delivered “awareness” courses aimed at Housing Officers (from Housing Associations), to enable them to identify symptoms of moisture ingress at a very early stage of decay. These officers are usually the first people on-site and have the opportunity to spot potential problems before they become detrimental to the health of occupants or building.

Bookings And Enquiries

For Damp and Rot Training course bookings, please contact: Training@ghtechnical.com / 023 9272 8040.

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