Fire Risk Assessment Training

Fire Risk Assessment TrainingGully Howard Technical provide multiple Fire Risk Assessment services to assist you in meeting your obligations. This includes; carrying out Fire Risk Assessments for you at your company premises, and providing Fire Risk Assessment Training to equip your own staff with the skills and knowledge to carry out Fire Risk Assessments.

Training includes the ABBE Level 3 Certificate in Fire Risk Assessment, as well as in-house training for your staff; from basic Fire Awareness to Fire Marshall or Fire Warden training.

Course Aim

The Fire Risk Assessment Training course is aimed at meeting the requirements of ABBE (Awarding Body of the Built Environment) Level 3 Certificate in Fire Risk Assessment. In doing this, the course follows the following legislation:

  • Building Regulations 2007 – Part B (fire safety) New build
  • Housing Act 2004 – Flats and common parts. Housing Associations are the enforcing authority.
  • Fire Safety Order 2005 (FSO) – applies to common areas ONLY, including work places, enforcers – local fire service.

The course is designed to equip the delegate with the knowledge to understand the legislative requirements of Fire Risk Assessment (FRA), and to demonstrate a basic understanding of the Fire Risk Assessment process. Increasing delegates knowledge will also enable proportionality of fire precautions and prioritise specific Action Plans.

Gully Howard Technical have lecturers that have conducted hundreds of FRA’s, and are highly qualified in the “Built Environment”, so are able to give advice throughout the course which gives “real life” experience to classroom based material.

Content and Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course the delegate should have a basic understanding of:

  • Legislation – the delegate will be familiarised with the appropriate legislation and its application within FRA.
  • Human Behaviour – this section highlights how humans behave in such circumstances so that escape routes, etc can be designed to maximise natural escape instincts.
  • Fire Protection Measures – everything from active prevention to passive fire protection methods.
  • Management of Fire Safety – knowledge of the processes involved to achieve compliance with the relevant legislation, such as routine inspections and assessments.
  • Fire Risk Assessment – this covers the process involved to undertake a methodical survey assessment of the hazards and risks involved to prevent the start and spread of fire associated with the premises and to reduce risk to people and property
  • Revision – the section reviews the most important areas and recovers elements the delegates feel are necessary. A Q&A section follows which enforces as a group the fundamentals of the course.

Who is the course designed for?

In England and Wales, if you’re an employer, owner, landlord or occupier of business or other non-domestic premises, you are responsible for fire safety and are known as the ‘Responsible Person’. It is these people, or the people who are placed in the position of “Responsibility” who should attend to avoid the following potential penalties:

The need for compliance – Local fire and rescue authorities inspect premises and can issue fire safety notices telling you about changes you might need to make to your premises. These take effect immediately if the fire and rescue authority thinks that the fire risk is so great that access to your premises needs to be prohibited or restricted.

Penalties can be enforced if non-compliance is to be found and can range from:

  • Minor penalties can be up to £5,000
  • Major penalties can have unlimited fines
  • up to 2 years in prison

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To book your place on the Fire Risk Assessment Training course, please contact: / 023 9272 8040.

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